Encounters, exchange, development

I’m a big fan of conferences, conventions and workshops. Wherever a group of people come together, there is great potential for creativity and progress:

  • People meet each other and network
  • Topics are discussed from different perspectives
  • People learn and benefit from one another through mutual exchange
  • Solutions are developed as a joint effort
  • There is a surge of energy and optimism
  • Cohesion is strengthened

The greater the diversity of participants, the higher the chance of reaching multifaceted, innovative and better results and decisions. I create an environment that really enables everyone to bring their individual talents and ideas to bear. Co-creation, cooperation, openness and a focus on solutions – if we can allow these key elements to flourish, the entire organisation stands to benefit.

It is crucial to achieve the right dramatic thrust, to establish a common thread that runs all the way through the event, and to maintain a balance between "facts and feelings". For me, it's important that an event is touching, entertaining and stimulating for the participants. But equally, that the substantive goals such as discussing and developing solutions are also met.

I design and moderate events for groups of 6-200 people – or even more.