Instigate and implement change - with "success needs women" consulting

Increase the proportion of women at your company, get more women into leadership positions, create more equal opportunities for women and men – if you want to achieve these goals, you are already engaged in changing your organisational culture. As a Consultant, I will support you in successfully completing this Change Journey. 

Working in partnership with you, I will develop a roadmap with just the right combination of measures, so you can take all your colleagues with you and successfully reach your goal. I will accompany you on this journey, keeping a sharp eye on the overall progress and critical stakeholders so that we can flexibly avoid any obstacles.

Cultural change – especially with a focus on equal opportunities for women and men – tends to stir a lot of emotions, because everyone has their opinion. In addition, personal role models and fears of various kinds come into play. Resistance – not only from men, but also from women – is inevitable. As a Consultant, I proceed with the utmost tact and sensitivity. In these situations, my empathic and clearly structured approach is essential. A cool head to analyse the situation and possible interventions, combined with tolerance and appreciation for all those concerned – this is what I offer.

I will accompany you through every stage of your Change Journey, from the start to the successful conclusion:

  • Analysing your initial situation
  • Developing a roadmap and change management measures
  • Implementing change management measures and interventions
  • Monitoring progress on the Change Journey

I have plenty of energy and stamina and will remain at your side for the long run; I am comfortable dealing with ambiguity and I’m agile and flexible when it comes to removing obstacles.