Instigate and implement change

Are you planning demanding and complex changes at your organisation? If you would like to tackle the following topics, I will offer you all my experience to help you successfully complete your Change Journey:

  • Developing your organisational or management culture
  • Integrating companies after a joint venture or merger
  • Transforming organisational units
  • Reorganising processes or structures
  • Introducing new systems or applications

Working in partnership with you, I will develop a roadmap with just the right combination of measures, so you can take all your colleagues with you and successfully reach your goal. I will accompany you on this journey, keeping a sharp eye on the overall progress and critical stakeholders so that we can flexibly avoid any obstacles.

Change processes tend to be emotional, as they stir up fears and resistance. In these situations, my empathic and clearly structured approach is essential. A cool head to analyse the situation and possible interventions, combined with tolerance and appreciation for all those concerned – this is what I offer.

I will accompany you through every stage of your Change Journey, from the start to the successful conclusion:

  • Analysing your initial situation
  • Developing a roadmap and change management measures
  • Implementing change management measures and interventions
  • Monitoring progress on the Change Journey

I have plenty of energy and stamina and will remain at your side for the long run; I am comfortable dealing with ambiguity and I’m agile and flexible when it comes to removing obstacles.