Personal development enables change

I offer Business Coaching for men and women in specialist and managerial positions to support them in building a career, asserting themselves and solving any conflicts that arise between their professional and family lives and their own personal needs.

In these sessions I work with the coachee to thoroughly analyse their initial situation before moving on to develop specifically tailored solutions. Depending on the goal of the coaching, there are three different levels that come into play here: reflection, changing the behaviour, breaking down underlying patterns.

In my experience, many coachees start to experience a benefit as soon as they clarify their different roles and the related expectations. However, it can often be necessary to look at mental blockages or patterns that are preventing them from making the next step in their career, for example, or from asserting their own needs, or simply from saying "No" and setting personal boundaries.

For me, one key aspect of the coaching is to permanently anchor the desired changes in your everyday life. You define feasible steps and actions that will allow you to reach your goals in the long term, and together we will reflect on your progress and your experience.

As a Team Coach I step in when groups and teams want to evolve, or when they need to resolve tensions and conflicts. 

What kinds of topics does this involve?

  • Strategic career planning
  • Personality development
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership style and leadership personality
  • Team development