Individual planning
and guidance on your
Change Journey.

Effecting changes in an organisational culture is a longer-term endeavour – think of it as an expedition. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions: you need an individual route tailored to your team, your resources and your backers. You need thorough planning and an experienced guide who is motivated to accompany you and will remain composed when faced with any unexpected obstacles.

Hire me as a Change Guide to develop your organisational culture and enable more equal opportunities and success for women, men and the entire organisation. I will bring the expertise in change processes and work with you to plan the measures that best fit your organisation. I will accompany you on your change journey by supporting you in implementing the measures, ensuring the designated goal remains in focus, mobilising the team and reacting flexibly to any obstacles or resistance.

I will be personally committed, yet maintain a neutral stance and recognise the value of all managers and employees involved in our project. With the agility to quickly and successfully familiarise myself with new topics, I thrive on analysing complexity and developing concepts that are both feasible and effective. I will challenge your organisation by scrutinising and analysing, by taking people out of their comfort zone. I will take a pragmatic view of what is possible, taking care not to push people and the organisation too far, too soon.

Pave the way to greater success.
Make your organisational culture fit for the future.
Boost your appeal as an employer.

Overview of my services to support your Change Journey