Fly high with me

An empathic, structured and modern businesswoman. 

As a successful woman, I know exactly what I'm talking about when I say to you, "I make women successful". All too often, the same challenges that women face today have appeared as hurdles on my own path to success in business and life in general. Getting ahead as a woman in the business world – particularly in male-dominated fields – and achieving success while not losing sight of yourself remains a tough balancing act even today.

Back when I became a mother of two children, I often became aware of my own personal balance or imbalance – between the wish to continue pursuing my career and the wish to be a "good" mother to my children. This is just one reason why I have made it my mission to enable women to find their own path to a work-life balance that allows for a successful career as well as a rich personal life – whatever that might entail.

I have taken time out to assess my path, gather strength, develop my skillset, reflect and reorient myself. This certainly involved a lot of ambition, passion and enjoyment of the development process. I was ultimately able to find a successful path that makes me happy, fulfilled and allows me to progress. I'm a great believer in the idea that paths are made by walking. So I take this as my starting point. I want to create the basis that will allow women to find their own path by walking it – in a culture geared towards equal opportunities and possibilities. Not only does such a culture support the progress of women, it also unlocks the potential for companies to reach new heights.

I want to encourage women and equip them with success strategies so they can live a successful life on entirely their own terms. And I want to advise organisations on changing their cultural structures to move them a step closer to their vision.

And aside from a
successful career?

  • I live in Munich with my husband, son, daughter and two cats.
  • I appreciate cultural diversity and find it refreshing to work with people from all over the world. In our family we speak English, as my husband is from New Zealand.
  • I’m quick to find inspiration and I'm always open to fresh input of all kinds: concerts, exhibitions, books, cities, films... New stimuli are my source of energy.
  • My number one passion is mountain sports: I love nothing more than a physically challenging excursion with magnificent scenery.
since 2010 Owner
of Varchmin Consulting, München
1998 – 2010 Manager/project lead
in the area of »Talent & Organization Performance«,
Accenture Management Consulting
1992 – 1998 Degree in economics
with a focus on organisational psychology,
FU Berlin and LMU München
1990 – 1992 Vocational education as bank clerk
Raiffeisen-Köpenicker-Bank eG, Berlin
  • Introvision coaching (dehner academy)
  • Certified Business Coach (dehner academy)
  • Facilitator for LEGO Serious Play (Robert Rasmussen)
  • NLP Practitioner (mindsystems)
  • Business constellations (competence-on-top)
  • Certified trainer for the DISC - personality model (Michl Group)
  • Team development (competence-on-top)
  • Facilitation of workshops and conflicts (competence-on-top)
  • Train-the-Trainer (competence-on-top)
  • Systemic coaching and supervision (Gesellschaft für systemische Therapie und Beratung)
  • Leadership and leadership personality (diverse training providers)

I cooperate with other consultancies and training providers:

  • change factory
  • competence-on-top
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Hightech
  • Telecommunications
  • Non-profit foundation
  • Public services